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Get Your Sexy and Your Health Back With Vegan Food That Really Does Taste Good

Watching your weight, blood pressure and blood sugar levels go up are warning signs of a pending health crisis, easily corrected with a change in diet. Yet, many people resist such changes due to the perception that health foods are expensive, bland and flavorless. Deborrah Cooper, author of a new plant-based cookbook entitled WHY VEGAN IS THE NEW BLACK shows us how to do vegan the right way – remaking American classics and traditional soul food cuisine, while maintaining the savory flavors we love.

Oakland, California – Nov. 11, 2014 – Can a diet free of meat, milk, eggs, butter and cheese actually taste good? Deborrah Cooper, author of the new cookbook WHY VEGAN IS THE NEW BLACK: MORE THAN 100 DELICIOUS MEAT AND DIARY FREE MEAL IDEAS YOUR WHOLE FAMILY WILL LOVE says the answer is “absolutely!”

“My goal was to help change the perception that healthy foods look weird and taste bad. The typical American diet is full of greasy high sodium fast food that really packs on the pounds and sets us up for serious health problems. Reducing the quantity of animal protein and upping the plants we eat has been proven to reverse heart disease, normalize blood sugar and lipids, and lower both weight and blood pressure in just a couple of weeks,” Cooper explains.
Statistics would appear to support her claims. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 78.6 million Americans are obese, which directly impacts the health and longevity of nearly one-third of the U.S. population. Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. High blood pressure and arteriosclerosis impact the sexual health of Americans as well, reflected in erectile dysfunction in men, and reduced desire and blood flow to the vaginal area in women.

“These are largely preventable afflictions, directly related to what we put in our mouths,” says Cooper. “Reality is, what’s on our plates is killing us.”

A former personal trainer and fitness nutritionist, Cooper fell into bad eating habits after suffering a back injury which limited movement for almost a year. “Standing hurt, sitting hurt… I was in a bad spot,” she recounts. Results from a subsequent medical examination provided a sobering wake up call.

“I was highly motivated because the last thing I wanted was to have diabetes or a stroke. I knew a plant-based diet would turn things around quickly, so that was the route I opted to take. I tried dozens of vegan recipes off the web, from sites that were very highly recommended. But the taste of that stuff was shocking. The food was so awful, I was throwing most of it down the garbage disposal. I lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks without even trying. Since I’m a good cook and was determined to make this work, I set about creating meat and dairy free dishes that my whole family would enjoy eating.”

Born and raised in the multicultural environment of the San Francisco Bay Area, Deborrah also included recipes for favorite Asian, Cajun, and Mexican dishes, in addition to down home southern comfort food – veganized remakes of Cooper’s favorite family recipes.

“I introduce readers to many new ingredients, but I tried to keep the end result in the realm of the familiar. There are recipes for meat and dairy free renditions of buttermilk fried ‘chicken’, lasagna, jambalaya, ‘chicken’ salad sandwiches, mac and cheese, and even pizza. Each of the original recipes was revamped with the goal of making them taste and look as close to the original dish as I could—without using bacon grease and ham hocks of course,” Cooper laughed.

“Even if you’ve tried vegan dishes before, you haven’t tried Deb Cooper’s style of vegan! This cookbook proves that solid nutrition for better health and yummy tasting food really can be on the same plate.”

WHY VEGAN IS THE NEW BLACK: MORE THAN 100 DELICIOUS MEAT AND DAIRY FREE MEAL IDEAS YOUR WHOLE FAMILY WILL LOVE will be available at major online and offline book retailers on or before November 15, 2014

About Deborrah Cooper
Deborrah began cooking at the age of seven when she was given a childrens cookbook; a love of creating new dishes with taste and visual appeal was born. A veteran fitness nutritionist and nationally certified personal trainer, Deborrah has worked at some of the most prestigious health clubs in the Bay Area. She was a contributing writer on LiveStrong.Com covering health, nutrition and fitness, and regularly blogs on vegan cooking and African American health issues on BlacksGoingVegan.Com. This is her fifth book.

TITLE: Why Vegan is the New Black: More Than 100 Delicious Meat and Dairy Free Meal Ideas Your Whole Family Will Love
GENRE: Cooking | Vegan and Vegetarian| Health/Nutrition
PUBLICATION: October 27, 2014
PRICE: $24.99 Full Color Paperback
AUTHOR: Deborrah Cooper
ISBN: 978-0-9909713-8-2
PAGES: 224

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